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Darren Baker has built a UH12T4 and has chosen to share his experience and construction photos.

t4steve1wat.jpg (25228 bytes)

"These are the photos I took while building my UH12T4 and I'd like to share them with you. Remember though, this is how I built my craft, this is by no means the only way, It's my way and it happened to work out fine. This craft was never meant to look pretty. It was built as a way to get me hovering quickly and cheaply.

That said, here are the photos."

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Rib Constructionfront-01.jpg (12317 bytes) Skinning the hullfront-02.jpg (8501 bytes)
The Lift Ductfront-03.jpg (9019 bytes) Paint and fiberglassfront-04.jpg (9330 bytes)
Lift Fanfront-05.jpg (9349 bytes) DOH!!!front-06.jpg (4437 bytes)
It Hovers!front-07.jpg (9039 bytes) Thrust sectionfront-08.jpg (5783 bytes)
Exterior shotsfront-09.jpg (8964 bytes) Off We Go!front-10.jpg (10687 bytes)

"I hope you enjoyed my little expose here and if you decide to or are building a UH12T4 please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you might have. Mine cost about $900 Canadian to build so it should be allot cheaper in the states. "