Exterior Views


Building the ribs

First time out, I really wasn't expecting that much dust.

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I really didn't expect this much!!!!!!!! It really hurt getting sand blasted at that speed.

My favorite thing to do on my craft, you'll never tire of the transition between land and water.

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Another transition.

My friend Leigh who helped me build the craft. Without his help I would still be thinking about it rather than flying it.

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My neighbor taking it for a run with his son beside him.

My father and my wife Lisa going for a ride. Hopefully with the 8 hp lift engine I have now installed it will work better with two.

t4dadlis1.jpg (25521 bytes)

I highly recommend the twin engine craft, here the thrust engine quit and I'm using my weight to lean on the craft.t4me4trbl.jpg (39794 bytes)

This causes the air to escape one side of the craft only thus propelling in the
direction you're leaning. If the lift engine quits you still have an air boat. (I hate that word my father keeps bugging me calling it an air boat)

Count on spending roughly an hour on the craft every time you get back. Keeps the preventative maintenance up and the trouble on the water down

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Exterior Views


Building the ribs