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Skinning the craft

This is a picture of the rear of the craft just as things started going together, notice the stand built for this process, levelled but I learned later, should have been stronger.

build-01.JPG (30663 bytes)
build-02.jpg (25668 bytes)

View from the front notice the reinforcements on the ribs.

A good look at R-1 and R-2

build-03.jpg (19930 bytes)
build-04.JPG (23079 bytes)

This would be R-3

This is R-4, notice the short extensions of the 3/4 by 3/4 pieces, That is where the seat goes later.

build-05.JPG (22737 bytes)
build-06.JPG (23454 bytes)

Here we have R-5

This is R-6, notice none of the center stringers carry on to R-7, only the corner ones do.

build-07.JPG (21922 bytes)
build-08.JPG (19593 bytes)

That is R-7, patiently awaiting me to get around to installing it.

This would again be R-7, notice the reinforcements for the rudder mounts and prop guard.

build-09.JPG (15691 bytes)
build-10.JPG (20695 bytes)

In this photo you can see the slight bow to R-1. I put a 2x4 in between the stand and the center
of R-1 and tied string between the outer edges of it and R-2 to form the bow when I glued in the stringers.

Out and about


Skinning the craft