Building the Ribs


Building the Lift Duct

This photo shows the water passage on all of the ribs and the amount of screws I used to skin the craft. Take note
as well that the bottom of the craft is skinned on top of the main stringers.

build-11.JPG (30663 bytes)
build-12.jpg (25668 bytes)

Just another pic of the skinning process.

Here you can see the side rails of the cabin going in.

build-13.jpg (19930 bytes)
build-14.JPG (23079 bytes)

I used electrical ties to hold the piece in place, slowly tightening them to make the curve as I don't have a steamer.

Again showing the process of slowly tightening the piece to make the bend.

build-15.JPG (22737 bytes)
build-16.JPG (23454 bytes)

Just another pic.

Skinning the top and you can see the rear engine mount in place.

build-25.JPG (21922 bytes)
build-26.JPG (19593 bytes)

Same same

Look closely at the back you can see the forward duct guard mounts in place I used 3/4 e.m.t. to mount the 1/2 e.m.t.

build-27.JPG (21560 bytes)

Building the Ribs


Building the Lift Duct