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On this page lists upcoming events, links to events sponsored by clubs as well as pages dedicated to past events. Click on the photo to go to the appropriate page.

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If you have photos of a hovercraft event that you would like to share with the world, we can set up a page for you and feature your pictures here.

Weber Hovercrafts Hoverin Pages

Cherokee Hover-In on Cherokee Lake in North East TN 

June 1, 2, and 3, 2001

For the Hoverclub of America Events page follow this link.

Muscoda Spring Hover-In 2001

2000 Northwest Hoverin

1999 Northwest Hoverin

Follow this link for information on 1998's "North, to Alaska."

Below are pages with photos of past events. We will add more past events as we get them.

Many thanks to Paul Kunz for supplying the photos of the following events.

1995 Northwest Hover-In and Cruise

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small82418_00.jpg (10774 bytes)

1998 Northwest Hover-In and Cruise (Part I)

1998 Northwest Hover-In and Cruise (Part II)

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small82419_10.jpg (6721 bytes)

1998 Northwest Hover-In and Cruise (Part III)