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This page has a selection of Excellent Home Pages put together by Hover enthusiasts from around the world and is by no means to be considered a complete listing.

The 1st page is by Alex Olshove. If you have a question he can find the answer. It was Alex who brought us the alt.rec.hovercraft Newsgroup.

The 2nd page by, Eric Goldstein, has the best set of links that I have seen.
John Carter has a good collection of links as well.

My fingers are getting sore..
Alex's Hovercraft Homepage Hovercrafting in Chicago with Eric
Darren: Hovering in Ontario Ian Cummings SEV Project
JC HoverNuts Home Page Greg Brungart's UH-15P
Stew's Hovercraft Page Kirk's Hovercraft Story
Keith Oakley's Hovercraft Page