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Kevin Duggan built a UH13P with a few unique modifications.

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The following are from two emails I received from Kevin.

"Well, it's official! I took the craft out and drove it around the lawn on Sunday! Ran great!I then proceeded to a local small lake and took it out. Went down the boat ramp and the pointed nose took in some water. Couldn't seam to empty the water out of the skirt while running, so we drove around for ten minutes or so and went back up the ramp.

When I did, a police car pulled in! He came over to me and asked me what this thing was. I told him it was a hovercraft. He said some one called the station and reported a "HALF JET SKI / HALF ROCKET SHIP" on the water and wanted it investigated. The cop the admitted he wouldn't know how to classify it. I told him it is registered (numbers on the side) and it falls under Rhode Island DEM dept.

He was nice enough, and told me they get all kinds of weird calls at the station. he then showed me his computer in the car the read the report myself. Well I had a good laugh, and actually was very flattered. He left and said 'have fun'. We were leaving anyway. So that's how it went. Pretty smooth mechanically, no problems and didn't get stranded. I have to work on the positioning of my drain slits or something, so if I take on water (engine stall in the middle of the lake) I can blow it out. Any suggestions, let me know."

"Be glad to share more info on my recently finished craft. It's a 13' 6" sportsman style craft. Original plans call for a 20 - 25 HP vertical shaft engine. I got a good deal on a Geo engine, so I bought it and spent about two months on fitting into the craft and designing / building a drive train.

The one engine powers both props. I drive the thrust prop, from the thrust shaft, I drive the lift prop. the belt that goes from the back to the front is 280" long!"


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