The following is information from Jane's Surface Skimmers (1979) on the Hoverbug.

Eglen Hovercraft, Inc 

Jan Eglen, President and General Manager
Alfred Brames, Secretary
Keith Owen Jr, Treasurer
Lewis R Poole, comptroller and Works Manager
Woodrow S Nasser, Director and Attorney
Paul Ferreira, Director Research
George Kassis, Director
Jerry Chitwood, Director
Clarence Fauber, Director
Lionel Saunders, Director of Production and Research
Terry Moore, Assistant Production Manager
Middle East Representative
Al-Rodhan Trading & Contracting Est, P.O. Box 5020, Kuwait
Eglen Hovercraft Inc was chartered in August 1969, to design and manufacture recreational hovercraft and other air cushion devices. The company is at present concentrating on the production of the Hoverbug, an amphibious two-seater with a moulded plastic hull. The company is also producing the new Mk 2 model and four- and six-seat ACV's which incorporate a number of design improvements, including the employment of shock-mountings for both the lift and thrust engines. Another product, the Terrehover hoverplatform, is described in the section devoted to ACV Trailers and Heavy Lift Systems.


A two-seat recreational ACV, the Hoverbug is powered by two Rockwell JLO engines and has a maximum speed of 30 mph over water and 35mph overland. The standard version has an open cockpit, but a cabin top to form an enclosed cockpit is available as an optional extra.

The craft is available in either fully assembled or kit form.

LIFT AND PROPULSION: A 22-hp Rockwell JLO-295 two-cycle engine, mounted immediately aft of the cockpit, drives a 2 ft diameter, 10-bladed Multiwing fan for lift. Thrust is supplied by a 25hp Rockwell JLO-395 driving a 3 ft diameter, Banks-Maxwell two-bladed propeller. Both lift and thrust engines on the Mk 2 model have shock-absorbing mountings, reducing the vibration transmitted to the hull by about 90%. Similar mountings are also employed to attach the thrust duct to the thrust engine frame, resulting in a longer life expectancy for the duct and the rudders, which are now mounted directly onto the duct. The propeller is of laminated hardwood, tipped in stainless steel. The company is currently investigating the use of a four-bladed propeller in order to reduce noise generation. A carburettor heat intake is required for running in snow or icy conditions. Fuel capacity is 5 gallons, representing about two hours running. Quick release fittings to the fuel system facilitate maintenance.

CONTROLS: Directional control is provided by twin aerodynamic rudders hinged at the rear of the propeller duct and operating in the slip-stream. Cockpit controls comprise a steering wheel, two ignition switches, two throttles, two chokes, two emergency "kill" switches and a navigational lights switch.

HULL: High gloss, high impact plastic hull, formed by a thermovacuum moulding process developed by Hoosier Fibreglass Industries, Terre Haute, Indiana. Material used is Cycolac-brand ABS, supplied by the Marbon Division of Borg Warner Corporation. Hull side loading racks can be supplied as an optional extra. Two 6 in deep buoyancy chambers in the base of the hull are filled with foam plastic to provide 150% reserve buoyancy. Removable skids are fitted beneath.

SKIRT: Bag type, 1 ft deep, fabricated in neoprene-coated nylon. Skirt attachment system facilitates rapid removal and refitting.

ACCOMODATION: Driver and passenger sit side-by-side in an open cockpit on a 4 ft wide bench-type seat. Cockpit can be enclosed by a convertible top.

DIMENSIONS: Length, overall, power on: 10 ft
Beam overall, power on: 6ft 6in
Draft afloat: 6 in
Skirt depth: 1 ft
Cabin width: 4 ft

SYSTEMS, ELECTRICAL: 12V, 75W system for engine starting, instruments, and navigation lights.

PERFORMANCE Max recommended speed, over water: 30 mph
over land: 35 mph
over ice: 40 mph
Wave capability max: 1 ft 6 in - 2 ft
Max gradient at all-up weight: 1:6
PRICE: Price of complete craft fob Terre Haute: US $2495
Price of standard kit: US $1800 

WEIGHTS Normal empty: 400 lb
Payload: 400 lb


This new Eglen utility hovercraft is designed for a variety of duties including off-shore surveys. Of mixed wood and fibreglass construction, it carries a payload of 1,625 lb and cruses at 35 knots. Construction time is 4-6 months depending on optional equipment or special features required.

LIFT AND PROPULSION: Lift air is provided by a 90 hp Continental PC-60 aero-engine driving a 24 in diameter Rotafoil fan. Cushion pressure is 17-19lb/ft2. Thrust is supplied by a 100hp Lycoming air cooled piston engine driving an two-bladed Dobson reversible-pitch propeller.

CONTROLS: Craft heading is provided by twin aerodynamic rudders hinged to the tubular metal guard aft of the propeller. Reversible and variable-pitch propeller provides braking and reverse thrust.

HULL: Wooden frame covered with fibreglass skin and finished with epoxy marine exterior paint. Cabin superstructure is in moulded fibreglass with 30oz Durasonic 3/4in foam-backed sound proofing. Windows are of the "push-out" type, in tinted plastic. Total fuel capacity is 55 gallons.

SKIRT: 14 in deep HDL type.

ACCOMODATION: Seats provided for driver and five passengers. Optional items include seat belts, heating and air-conditioning and intercom system.

SYSTEMS, ELECTRICAL: 12V, dc with auxiliary outlets. Batteries: 2-12V, 72 Ah capacity.

DIMENSIONS: Length, 24 ft
Beam on cushion: 10 ft
Skirt depth: 1 ft, 2in
Hover gap: 3/4 in
WEIGHTS Empty: 2,500 lb
Payload (including 400 lb fuel): 1,625 lb
Overload capacity: 500 lb
Total in overload condition: 4,625 lb
PRICE: On request. Domestic orders: 50% payment with order, balance upon delivery. Overseas orders: irrevocable letter of credit for full price placed with American Fletcher National Bank in Indianapolis, Indiana.