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On this page is posted a series construction photos of Stephen Mayor's UH15TA, aka BOB or Big Ol Boat.

BOB was a big winner at the Hoverclub of America Annual Rally in June of 1998.

hc01.jpg (18038 bytes)

1st Place "Construction Quality"
1st Place "Technical Innovation"

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Steve is open to any questions you may have. You can find his email address on the E-mail Pals page. Click on the Photo to go to the page.

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First is a series of photos of the hull construction of BOB.

Boring a LONG hole.

bob22front.jpg (7105 bytes)

bob24front.jpg (9484 bytes)

Cutting the lift duct.

The fan and Prop.

bobfront30.jpg (9604 bytes)
bobfront41.jpg (9445 bytes)

Building the Cockpit

The Thrust Duct

bobfront64.jpg (6935 bytes)

bob72front.jpg (16270 bytes)

The Thrust Engine.

These pictures are larger than the others to give you a better look.